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Textbook Rentals

Textbook Rentals

  • What is Textbook Rental and do I save any money by renting?
  • Textbook Rental is simple! Now at The Islander Bookstore, you can rent the textbooks you need for the semester, then return them at the end of the term. Renting textbooks saves you on average 50% when compared to a new, printed textbook.
  • How do I pay for my Textbook Rental?
  • We require a credit card as the form of payment for rentals and we keep the credit card on file for the duration of the Rental Agreement. In the event you fail to return any rental by the Rental Return Date, or it is returned after the Rental Return Date, or is damaged, we use the credit card on file to charge you for a replacement book and penalty fees, as described in the Rental Agreement.
  • How long is the rental period?
  • The rental period begins the day you pay for the Textbook Rental and continues until the the last day of Finals. It shows on your Rental Receipt as the Rental Return Date. All rented textbooks must be returned to the bookstore, in good condition, by the Rental Return Date. Textbook Rentals returned via mail must be postmarked by the Rental Return Date.
  • Can I return my books by mail?
  • Yes! Textbook Rentals returned via mail must be received by the Rental Return Date.You can also just drop off your books at the bookstore.
  • How do I know which books are available as rental?
  • Simple! Just check our website.
  • Can I get a refund for a rented textbook?
  • Yes! You are entitled to a refund if you return your rental by the Rental Refund Date shown on your receipt and posted at the bookstore and on the website. You need to have your rental receipt, and return the rental in good condition, along with any components such as CDs, etc. that were included with the textbook when you rented it. All new packages/bundles must be unopened or they will not be refunded. If you return your book via mail, it must be postmarked by the Rental Refund Date.
  • Can I buy my rented textbook?
  • You may purchase any of your rentals at any time up until the Rental Return Date. Just pay the difference between the selling price at the time of rental minus the rental fee already paid.
  • Can I mark up the inside of the book with a highlighter or make notes in the margins?
  • Normal use of highlighting and writing is permitted. The bookstore will use the same standards for determining acceptable condition of rental textbooks that it uses for determining condition of books sold back as used books.
  • Can the bookstore refuse to accept my Textbook Rental when I return it?
  • Yes, the bookstore may refuse to accept your rental book if it is not returned in good condition. Good condition will be judged by the bookstore alone, and generally means book spine intact, no excessive damage to cover or contents, all original pages intact, all original components present, and no excessive highlighting, writing or other markings. Normal-use highlighting and writing is permitted. If the bookstore determines your book to be not acceptable for return, then you will be charged for a replacement copy and a processing fee.
  • What happens if I do not return the book by the due date?
  • You will be charged for a replacement textbook along with a processing fee. The replacement cost and processing fee will be charged to the credit card on file. The book will be yours to keep.
  • What happens if I lose a rented textbook?
  • You will be charged the replacement cost plus the processing fee for any book not returned to the bookstore, regardless of the reason. These fees are in addition to the rental fee.
  • How much are the fees?
  • The Buyout is Retail Price minus Rental Price already paid. There is a $10.00 additional fee for Late, Damaged or Non-Returned books. This is a fee assessed per book.
  • What if I forget when the rental is due?
  • As a courtesy, we will send a reminder notice to the email address you provided during your rental checkout and on your rental agreement. However, it is your responsibility to return the book by the due date even if you do not receive this email. Please remember that rental books are due back - or must be postmarked by - the day after the last day of Finals.

Rental Agreement

Textbook Rental Agreement

Terms and Conditions
  • By executing this RENTAL transaction you are entering into a Textbook Rental Agreement (the "Agreement") with the Islander Bookstore (the "Bookstore"). This Rental Agreement is a contract with legal obligations and you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth below.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age and all information you provide to the Bookstore in connection with this Agreement must be accurate and complete. The email address you provide us will be used for all communications from the Bookstore to you regarding this Textbook Rental Agreement, including Rental Return Date reminders.
  • All rented material (the "Rentals") are the property of the Bookstore and you must return them in saleable condition to the Bookstore by the Rental Return Date. You are responsible for any damages to, loss or theft of the Rentals.
  • Refunds: You will be entitled to a full refund of the Rental Fees only if you return your Rental(s) on or before the Rental Refund Date shown on your receipt, and posted at the bookstore and on the website. The Rental Refund Date is the same date for non-rental purchases (typically at the start of a new term).
  • Credit Card as Security: The credit card used for payment of the Rental Fee will be used as security for payment until the Rental(s) are returned to the Bookstore and/or all applicable Fees are paid. You must maintain this credit card open and in good standing until all your obligation regarding this Agreement have been met.
  • Rental Return Date: You must return the Rental(s) to the Bookstore by the Rental Return Date. We are not responsible for reminding you of your Rental Return Date. Any and all notifications are a courtesy. If Rental(s) are returned after the Rental Return Date, you will be charged a Late Return Fee.
  • Failure to Return: If you fail to return the Rental(s) by the Rental Return Date, you will be in default of the Agreement and you authorize the Bookstore to charge all appropriate fees (including Non-Return Fee), to the credit card on file used as security on your account. In the event the credit card used as security for this account, is no longer valid or the purchasing credit limit of credit card has been exceeded, the Bookstore may assign this account to a third party for collection. If it becomes necessary to turn this account over to a third party for collection, you agree to pay any and all additional collection costs (ie, legal fees) which will be added to the outstanding account balance.
  • Conditions upon Return: Minimal highlighting and writing (pencil only) in your Rental(s) is permitted and acceptable. However, you must return your Rental(s) in complete and saleable condition (the spine of the book is intact, there is no moisture/stain damage to the book, and all component parts of the book are present). The Bookstore will determine salable condition of a textbook and all such decisions are final. You will be charged a Damaged Book Fee if your book is returned damaged.
  • Option to Buy (Buyout): You have the option to purchase your Rental(s) at any time until the Rental Return Date. To do this you will pay the amount equal to the textbook list price minus the Rental Fee initially paid. You can rent any textbook(s) available for rent at any time during the semester. You may return the Rental(s) at any time before the Rental Return Date but you will not be reimbursed for any portion of the Rental Fee. (Except for refunds).
  • Fees:
    • Buyout: Retail price minus Rental Fee paid (plus tax).
    • Late Return Fee:$10.00 - Return done after Rental Return Date.
    • Non-Return Fee: Buyout plus $10.00
    • Damaged Book Fee: Buyout plus $10.00

Order Delivery / Shipping

  • Can I place my order Online and pick it up at the bookstore?
  • Yes, we will hold the order for you and you can pick it up at the bookstore at your convenience (There is no additional charge for this service).
  • Can you ship my order?
  • We will ship the order to you for a delivery charge.
  • How much is the delivery charge?
  • Our flat delivery charge is: $7.95 for the first item, plus $2.00 for each additional item.
  • Do you ship anywhere?
  • We ship in the U.S within the 48 Contiguous States (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii).
  • Can you ship my order to an address other than my billing address?
  • We only ship to the Credit Card Billing Address. This address must be an street address. No PO Boxes or APO.

Refunds and Returns

How we Issue Refunds

All refunds, for allowed returns, will be issued as follows:
  • Cash Purchases - Cash refunds will be issued upon return.
  • Credit Card Purchases - Credit card refunds will be issued upon return.
  • Check Purchases - Cash refunds will be issued 10 business days after the purchase date, to allow the bank check clearing process to go through.

Course Materials/Textbooks Returns

Textbooks may be returned for a full refund with the following stipulations:
  • The return must be made on or before the Bookstore Refund Deadline; this date is printed on your receipt, posted in the store and shown on the website.
    This date typically is:
    • For Fall or Spring academic terms, the fifth (5th) day of classes of the academic term.
    • For Summer I or Summer II academic terms, the third (3rd) day of classes of the academic term.
    • For Maymester, August or January Sessions, the second (2nd) day of classes of the academic term.
  • Textbooks purchased for short courses (part-of-term courses) during any academic term are nonreturnable.
  • Textbooks returns must be accompanied by their original receipt of purchase.

  • New textbooks must be in new condition (the Bookstore reserves the right to determine the condition).
  • Textbooks with opened software packages may not be returned.
  • Shrink-wrapped packages must be unopened and complete; otherwise they may not be returned.
  • Class notes and texts marked "nonreturnable" may not be returned.
  • Any special orders may not be returned.

Merchandise Returns

Merchandise items may be returned with the following stipulations:

  • May be returned or exchanged within 48 hours of purchase.
  • Items must be accompanied by their original receipt.
  • Apparel items must not be worn or soiled, and all the tags must be attached.
  • All sales are final on marked-down items.

Gift Cards Returns

  • No returns are allowed for gift cards or gift certificates.

Sell your Books to Us

  • When do you buy textbooks back?
  • We buy books back every day we are open for business.
  • Would you buy my books back if I did not get them at your bookstore?
  • We may buy your books back no matter where you bought them!
  • When is the best time to sell my books?
  • The best time to sell your books is during finals week! It is at this time when we need to buy textbooks to stock up our shelvings for upcoming semesters.
  • How much would I get for my books?
  • We may pay up to 50% of the book retail price if we need the book an upcoming course at TAMUCC. If the book is not being used again at TAMUCC, we will buy the book back for a wholesale/dealer textbook company, typically at a lower price.
  • Do you buy books back if they are not in good shape?
  • We only buy books which are in decent saleable condition. They should have a solid spine and no water damage. We do not buy books back with torn or damaged covers, if they have excessive highlighting or writing inside, or if there are loose or missing pages. Our store personnel will decide whether we may buy back a book or not.
  • How do i find out how much are you paying for a book?
  • To check our current buyback prices, come by the store!

Privacy Policy

The Islander Bookstore collects customer information through its website to be used to process orders and to communicate about orders, products, services and promotions.
The Islander Bookstore does not share this information with any third party except when they are acting as our agent, or when required to do so by law.
When you place an order, we may collect your name, address, phone, e-mail address, credit card information and location. This information is needed to process your order and to allow follow-up information, such as a confirmation notice, delivery information, collection procedures or tracking your purchases for potential rebates or promotional programs.
We may collect this information online and at the store, to keep an updated customer file, to maintain contact with you. Customers may update some of their their information by contacting our customer services office by e-mail requesting such update.
Each time we send you a strictly promotional email, you will be given an opportunity to unsubscribe to similar emails.